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Make the most of your day

Make the most of your day

Published on 16 Apr 2021 by Olivia Dunster


What good is the easing of lockdown if we don’t make the most of it? After our third and (hopefully final!) lockdown we owe ourselves some incredible, action-packed days!

Despite only a few restrictions being lifted for now, there’s more than enough to work with to make the most of your coffee outings. If you’re struggling with ideas of what to do then worry no more, we have put together a few itineraries to kick start your spring!

1. For the nature lover

Among the bustling city, there are loads of hidden and beautiful gardens to be discovered. Follow this itinerary to have a lovely nature-filled day.


Starting your adventure in Dalston, head to Balls Pond Road to grab your first coffee hit from The Petit Grind. The Petit Grind is a quaint spot and a perfect place to start your day. Serving speciality coffee in a variety of flavours, their coffee packs a punch – the rocket fuel you’ll need for the day’s activities! Don’t forget to grab something from their great selection of snacks to nibble on as you walk, too!

From there, head towards Dalston junction and follow Dalston Lane until you find Dalston Eastern Curve Gardens. The entrance will only be a short walk from the café. Spend a couple of hours taking in nature, viewing the spring flowers and relaxing in the calming environment.


After soaking up the sun in the beautiful gardens, take the overground from Dalston Junction and make your way to Finsbury Park via the Victoria Line. Here, we recommend stopping at Mento Flowers and Coffee for a spot of lunch. Surrounded by beautiful flowers this is a nature lover’s favourite café and there’s outdoor seating available for al fresco dining. Before you leave, grab yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers to take home with you to brighten up your space!

If you have time, finish your day off with a lovely stroll around Finsbury Park, which is just a stone’s throw away from the coffee shop.

2. For the sightseers

London is full of culture and amazing sights and scenery; this itinerary is for those who want to see it all!


Head to Camden Town to get the day started. The first thing on the agenda is a bite to eat to give you the energy you need to soak in all the sights you are about to see. We’d recommend heading to Phillippe Conticini, a vibrant and aesthetic Parisian café on Camden High Street. Grab yourself a few of their delicious pastries from the incredible selection along with a hot drink redeemed through the Coffy app. Then, head towards Camden market to experience the weird and wonderful personality of the area that radiates through. Spend a while taking in all the cool buildings and browsing the shops and stalls for some unique keepsakes. From there, you should take a wander through Castlehaven Road to see some amazing pieces of artwork - Camden is one of the best places in London to find great street art.


Once you’ve shopped up an appetite it’s time to head to Primrose Hill. On your way, give Ripe Kitchen a visit, which is just a 5-minute walk from the park. Find a great spot to sit outside and grab some lunch - hearty and nutritious food alongside a delciisous coffee are what you’lll find at this cute coffee shop, so make sure you get your fill!

From there, it’s time to find a great spot on Primrose Hill where you can bask in the sun whilst taking in the best view of London. The perfect way to end the day.

3. For the shopaholics


Shopping is something that has been sorely missed since the announcement of the tier system and national lockdown. But, as of the 12th of April non-essential shops have reopened, so our shopping addiction can re-commence! This itinerary is a coffee lover and shopping addict’s dream.

Start your day off in Soho and make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes on because shopping is no walk in the park! We recommend hitting up B Bagel Bakery - a freshly baked bagel and a good coffee will set you up nicely for the day. You can either take a seat down in their outdoor seating area or order for on-the-go.


You’ll find the best shopping in Soho at the Seven Dials. It’s a great mix of quaint boutiques and mainstream shopping with seven different lanes of shops to keep you busy. After a long day of shopping, you’ve earned a well-deserved coffee break. If you head to Windmill Street, just a short 15-minute walk, you’ll find Rachels Nails and Coffee bar. Treat yourself to a manicure while you enjoy a cup of coffee in their beautifully decorated shop. Nothing goes hand in hand quite like a manicure after a shopping trip!

If there’s time left in your day, take your new nails out on the town and head to famous Carnaby street to shop some more and explore all the hidden boutiques.

Discover so much more with the Coffy app! Whatever you enjoy, we’ve got you covered and you can enjoy your first 5 drinks on us!