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How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

How Well Do You Know Your Coffee?

Published on 23 Feb 2021 by Kim Yudelowitz


We’ve established that you guys love coffee, but do you know the exact make up of your favourite cup as well as the other types of coffee on offer? Well, we thought we’d give you a short explanation on each drink so you can be clued up on exactly what to expect in every coffee you try and enjoy!



An espresso is coffee brewed at the highest pressure on an espresso machine. Water passes through the coffee bed and the grind size and coffee dose needs to be set so 9 bars of pressure can be attained. This will ensure that the water passes through in the correct time to avoid under or over extraction. Under extracted espressos, which is where the water has passed through too quickly, are very weak with a cloudy colour and sour taste. When an espresso is over extracted, coffee can taste very bitter and ashy, which is when the water has over cooked the coffee by passing through too slowly. Although preparing an espresso takes a lot of attention to detail, the main ‘recipe’ used varies depending on the type of coffee you’re extracting. Typically, 18g of coffee is entered into the ground basket, and the overall weight of the espresso should be at least double that – 36g. Pulling a longer shot will dilute the coffee somewhat but could in fact help it to extract and reduce acidity. Image: @cableco



An americano is a shot of espresso with hot water. It is often confused with filter coffee, but the two are very different. An americano is made from adding an espresso shot to hot water to fill the coffee cup. This method helps retain the crema and creates a nice mouth feel when you start drinking your americano. Filter coffee is made through any device that uses a filtering process, such as Aeropress, Kalita or V60 drip method, to name a few. Image: @beansandbubbleslondon


A macchiato is a double shot of espresso with a dollop of steamed milk placed on the surface. Some baristas may put a little foam on top instead, but it will only be a minimal amount as a macchiato is designed to showcase the true flavours of the espresso as much as possible.



It’s one of the best-known hot drinks on the high street, and it’s made up of three parts; espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. It contains the most voluminous foam that provides a perfect texture when combined with the espresso. Careful attention is needed when making a cappuccino in order to achieve this luxurious consistency. Image: @hoxtoncabin



A latte consists of the same three parts as a cappuccino, but the ratio is what differentiates this drink. The majority of a latte is made up of steamed milk, and only a very small amount of foam is added. The steamed milk used in this drink is also much smoother than a cappuccino, containing less air and a silkier finish. Image: @archiesldn

Flat White


A flat white is similar to a latte but uses a micro layer of foam rather than a stiff layer like the latte and cappuccino. It’s also served in a smaller cup, resulting in a stronger coffee taste - you tend to get a flat white in a 6oz cup whereas a latte is served in 8-12oz cups.


A mocha is simply an espresso-based coffee drink with the addition of chocolate. It could be any variation of coffee that we’ve covered in this list, just with some form of chocolate flavouring added. This could be powdered chocolate, syrup, shavings or any other kind of chocolate.

Now you can tell all your friends exactly what goes in to your favourite cup of coffee, and even impress the barista when they’re making your order. Enjoy your favourite coffee with Coffy and discover great independent coffee shops near you, while saving.