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For the Love of Chocolate!

For the Love of Chocolate!

Published on 06 May 2021 by Olivia Dunster


World Fairtrade Day is on the 9th of May and so we’ve decided to dedicate this blog to the importance of ethical sourcing and bring your attention to a couple of our amazing partner stores that embody fair trade and sustainability.

We love chocolate just as much as we love coffee so this blog is going to focus on cocoa beans and our delicious chocolatier partner stores!

70 per cent of the world’s cocoa beans are grown in West Africa and there are millions of cocoa farmers working under extremely difficult conditions. According to the Fairtrade Foundation, on average, these farmers receive just 6% of the final value of a chocolate bar!

When cocoa beans aren’t ethically sourced it intensifies poverty and contributes to discrimination, exploitation and deforestation, all things that should be avoided. Therefore, choosing to purchase your cocoa beans from Fairtrade certified companies or a business with a strong dedication to ethical farming will help in more ways than one*.

If you love chocolate and want to help support ethical farming, then visiting these two chocolate obsessed coffee shops will allow you to enjoy your chocolate, guilt-free!

Copperhouse Chocolate, Pentonville


Copperhouse Chocolate is the ultimate destination for any chocolate lover and to make it even better their chocolate is vegan so it can be enjoyed by everyone! This spot has delicious artisan hot chocolate, chocolate nut butter cups and cakes galore all made with their very special handmade chocolate.


Copperhouse Chocolate is a coffee shop with strong values and is focused on ethical sourcing and quality. They choose their cocoa beans from small producers and pride themselves on their relationship with their suppliers and being involved every step of the way. Their farmers are paid above Fairtrade standards so that they can support themselves and their families. Their cocoa bean journey is documented in a series of photos hung on their walls and they are always happy to share their story.

Visit Copperhouse Chocolate in Pentonville and grab yourself an ethically sourced cup of hot cocoa and a rich chocolatey brownie – we promise you’ll taste the difference!

Harry’s Chocolate Emporium, Wandsworth


Harry’s Chocolate Emporium is a wonderful place and home to the best chocolate bars in London. Not only can you shop in their incredible store that’s stocked with chocolate making kits, chocolate bars, coffee beans and seasonal gifts, but they also sell hot drinks and food so you can make a day of it. Make sure to visit from May 17th so you can make sure to get your caffeine or chocolate fix, as until then, their shop is only open to sell chocolate bars and gifts.


This coffee shop offers the dreamiest chocolate you could imagine. Made with sunflower lecithin their chocolate is smooth, rich and creamy with a distinct vanilla flavour. But along with their unbelievable chocolate, this spot also has incredible ethical values. Their chocolate is farmed with care, using 100% sustainable cocoa beans sourced through the Cocoa Horizons Programme, British milk and sustainable vanilla.

The Cocoa Horizons Programme is a well-respected solution to improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities. They help to promote sustainability, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity and community development.

When you visit Harry’s Chocolate Emporium you can do so by knowing that when you buy their delicious chocolate will are helping to end poverty and build up the communities of cocoa farmers.

Here at the Coffy app, we’re passionate about helping our customers discover the best and most sustainable independent coffee and hot drinks retailers around! With over 150 of the best London stores on the app, make sure to work through them all as lockdown restrictions ease!

*Helpful source used to create this blog: Fairtrade Foundation: Cocoa Farmers