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Ethically Sourced, Rightfully Bought

Ethically Sourced, Rightfully Bought

Published on 05 Mar 2021 by Olivia Dunster


When it comes to choosing which coffee shops you invest your money and loyalty into, we believe it’s good to learn about their ethical values and where their delicious beans come from. 

In honour of Fairtrade Fortnight, we want to share with you why ethically sourcing coffee beans is so important. Fairtrade is about ensuring social, economic and environmental justice for farmers and producers. Buying Fairtrade certified or ethically sourced products helps improve the livelihoods of those who work hard to keep our coffee flowing. With Fairtrade protection, these people will be rightfully paid allowing them to live comfortably, provide for their families and survive external factors like climate crisis. 

More and more roasteries and coffee shops are ethically sourcing their produce and coffee beans, helping farmers combat poverty and unfair working standards. To celebrate and mark the end of Fairtrade fortnight, below are three out of many of our partner stores that source their beans from roasteries who hold strong values and ethically source all of their coffee blends.

Kybelle Cafe, Kiss the Hippo 


Kybelle Café, is a quaint coffee destination situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Their vibrant atmosphere and authentic Mediterranean inspired menu make them a place you should definitely visit. You can visit Kybelle Café with the peace of mind that their coffee beans are ethically sourced from ‘Kiss the Hippo’ roastery. 

Kiss the Hippo believe in fairer trade and are dedicated to paying at least 50% above the Fairtrade price for all their coffees. They have an amazing sourcing ethos, and you can enjoy these coffee beans and blends guilt-free at Kybelle Café. 

Beans & Bubbles, La Piantagioni


Beans & Bubbles is a unique coffee and prosecco spot that you can find in Clapham Town. This is a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy their coffee, bubbly and sweet treats. They value sustainability greatly as well as ensuring their coffee beans are Fairtrade certified. 

Beans and Bubbles source their coffee from ‘Le Piantagioni Del Caffé’ who roast only Fairtrade certified beans. Their commitment to the quality of their beans is admirable. They meet frequently with producers, in person, to constantly learn and improve upon their roasted coffees.

Pangea, Dark Arts Coffee


Pangea is an intimate space in the middle of a bustling London, where you can relax in their friendly environment. Their coffees are strong and full-bodied, sourced directly from ‘Dark Arts Coffee’. 

Dark Arts Coffee roastery believes strongly in the livelihood of farmers always ethically sourcing all of their beans and buying speciality grade coffee. They choose to pay a premium for their coffee at a price that’s greater than the Fairtrade standard. 

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