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De-stress with Coffy!

De-stress with Coffy!

Published on 27 Apr 2021 by Olivia Dunster


The last year has been a stressful one, to say the least, and although restrictions are easing, your feelings of stress and anxiety may still be as strong as ever. Here at Coffy we want to help and there’s no better time to talk about this topic than during #stresswawarenessmonth!

The Coffy app is not just about finding amazing coffee for amazing prices, there are so many other great benefits by simply using the app! Keep reading to find out how Coffy can help you release any stress and anxiety you might be feeling.

Turmeric Lattes and Herbal Teas

Many of our partner stores offer a range of hot drink options, from your classic coffee to turmeric lattes and herbal teas. The great thing is that these options are all redeemable through our app.


Turmeric Lattes have amazing stress-busting properties due to the special compound found in turmeric called Curcumin. Curcumin has been proven to help fight and suppress depression and lower anxiety levels, both of which can be caused by feelings of stress. Along with this great benefit, turmeric lattes can also improve digestion, liver function and fight inflammation.

Herbal Tea is also great for relieving stress and settling anxiety. Peppermint tea contains menthol which is a natural muscle relaxant that helps calm your body and soothe any tension. Chamomile tea is similar in its benefits and along with reducing stress and anxiety, it can help treat insomnia.

To name a few; Pangea Coffee in Spitalfields, Cable Co in Kensal Rise and Social Brew in Putney all serve delicious turmeric lattes and herbal teas.

Meeting Friends

Meeting up with loved ones is a great natural stress buster and thanks to the easing of some social restrictions we’re now able to meet up to six people outside. Coffy has an extensive selection of partner stores that have great intimate outdoor spaces perfect for meeting friends and family.


Whether you’re meeting for a light-hearted catch-up or a meaningful chat it will do wonders for your mental health. If your stress is getting the better of you then meeting a friend for coffee is a great chance to express your feelings and reach out for some support.

If you’re looking for a small and quiet coffee shop with great outdoor seating, then among a number of our stores with great al fresco dining, you should check out The Muddy Puddle. This coffee shop has a beautiful secret garden covered in flowers and plants- a great place to meet friends and be surrounded by fresh air and nature.

Our app also lets you redeem two coupons per coffee shop you visit, so grab yourself a coffee and one for your friend.

A great excuse for exercise

Exploring London and the amazing independent coffee shops it has to offer is one of our favourite things about our app. There are so many amazing coffee shops on our app to discover that could be right on your high street, part of your commute or by your favourite park!


Getting outside is so important for all aspects of our mental and physical health. Fresh air and moving our bodies is fundamental to feeling good and using Coffy to help guide you, is a great excuse to do exactly that with the addition of finding your next great coffee stop.

Ripe Kitchen, Stasis Coffee, Greenspeares and Bold Café are all incredible coffee shops that just happen to be on the edge of the best parks in London.

So, when you are next in the mood for a great cup of coffee, head over to one of these amazing spots and have a stroll around these gorgeous London parks in the sunshine for a boost of dopamine, serotonin and… caffeine, of course!

Get outside, de-stress and discover so much more with the Coffy app! Whatever you enjoy, we’ve got you covered and you can enjoy your first 5 drinks on us!