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Coffee Sustainability

Coffee Sustainability

Published on 11 Mar 2021 by Kim Yudelowitz


At Coffy, we take pride in being an ecofriendly and sustainable business and to do this, we have to ensure that the stores we partner with have similar environmental goals and objectives as we do. In order to keep ourselves in check and make sure we’re partnering with quality businesses who love the planet as much as we do, we’ve partnered with the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and have pledged to work towards the following initiatives by 2025:

  1. 100% of Coffy partner stores have a policy in place that describes their company’s strategy to ensure that coffee beans are sourced according to sustainable practices.

  2. 100% of coffy retailers will use plastic free and recyclable takeaway items (i.e. cups, lids, napkins) to reduce the use of virgin materials in store.

  3. Coffy, alongside One Tree Planted, will plant 5,000 native trees in Brazil’s South Eastern region where the majority of coffee farms are located to promote off-farm reforestation.

All our valued partners do their best to ensure their stores and coffee shops are as ecofriendly as possible. They take pride in the steps taken to ensure a more sustainable future for their business and it’s only right to celebrate some of these amazing stores and their initiatives:

Elie’s Café, Camden


Elie’s Café use Coffee Plant beans who are the UK’s leading specialist in dual certificate Fairtrade and Organic Coffees. The Fairtrade certification initiative was created to form a new method for economic trade. This method takes an ethical standpoint, and considers the producers first. As of 2016, 1,411 producer organizations in 73 developing countries were Fairtrade certified, representing over 1.66 million farmers and workers.

Pepita Coffee, Kentish Town


Pepita Coffee have partnered with Camden Clean Air Initiative who have pledged to see all Coffee ground waste go to community gardens, schools or allotments within the Camden local area. The Camden Clean Air is a not-for-profit action group working to increase the air quality in the borough of Camden.

Beans and Bubbles, Clapham Town


Beans and Bubbles operate a zero-waste policy and take pride in their sustainability and reusability ethos. They reached an 83% recycling rate in 2020, showing that they truly recycle everything they can and encourage their customers to do the same! A percentage of their coffee shop revenue goes back to the local community of Wandsworth, which includes schools, businesses and charities.

Tribe Café, Streatham


Tribe Café in Streatham take pride in being a 100% plant-based café. They sell vegan handmade sanitiser and showcase many local independent retailers in their store.

Pipoca Vegan, Brixton


Pipoca Vegan bring you a bulk buying way to shop, providing quality zero-waste, plastic- free, vegan, and biodegradable choices. Their mission is to offer low impact, vegan and organic food products, as well as toiletries, cleaning products and re-usable containers. They aim to help customers cut down on their waste not only by eliminating the need for their products to be packaged in single-use plastic, but also by allowing customers to bring their own containers, weigh their items and buy only the amount they need.

Copper House Chocolate


Copper House Chocolate are focused on ethical sourcing and quality. They use single-origin chocolate sourced from small producers who take care over the product. Their aim is to know not just the cocoa beans' country of origin but the full journey of everything that goes into their drinking chocolate, so you can trust the quality and ethics of the finished products. Farmers are paid above fair-trade standards, with the chocolate coming to the UK as directly as possible. They’ve also been lucky enough to visit one of their suppliers in Madagascar to witness the full journey of the cocoa. There are photos on the walls of the store of this trip for you to chat with the owners about!

They’re currently working on environmental responsibility, with all of their packaging being biodegradable. They’ve chosen not to use plastic inserts in their chocolate boxes to reduce the use of single-use plastic in their products. It means the chocolates may come a little tighter packed in your box, or to put it another way – same size box, more chocolate!

Find these amazing stores on the Coffy app and explore their sustainable missions for yourselves. We all have to do our part to ensure we are taking those extra little steps for the beautiful planet we live on.