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Al Fresco Dining

Al Fresco Dining

Published on 05 Apr 2021 by Olivia Dunster


April 12th is slowly but surely approaching and the anticipation for this date has been tormenting, to say the least. When the lockdown roadmap was announced, April 12th seemed within reach and yet so far away!

But today, with certainty, we are only a week away from shopping trips, long-awaited haircuts and most importantly outdoor seating at our favourite al fresco dining spots. Before we are released back into normality, it’s always good to be prepared. The last thing we want is for the day to roll around with no plans being made and nothing being booked into the calendar.

So, we’ve highlighted a handful of our coffee partner stores just for you, all with outdoor seating to enjoy the brighter weather at your leisure:

Central Street Café, St Lukes


Central Street Café will be the ideal spot to celebrate the easing of lockdown and the beautiful spring weather. Their roof terrace is the perfect al fresco location and has plenty of space for everyone. Enjoy a delicious meal and a coffee in their tranquil ambience and share the experience with great company.

All the food served at Central Street Café is ethically sourced, organic, fair-trade and incredibly tasty! This café doubles as a community-focused charity, striving to improve the conditions for people living in the area. Dine here and know that you are contributing to an amazing cause.

Two Spoons, Honour Oak Park


Two spoons café is a bright and bustling café that transforms into a speakeasy bar when the sunsets. There is no better way to spend your spring days sipping coffee and your spring nights downing cocktails. The good thing is they have outdoor seating so their great ambience can still be enjoyed, open-air style.

Visit Two Spoons for a sophisticated dining experience and indulge yourself in their delicious menu of both classic and extravagant options.

The Muddy Puddle, Stoke Newington


The Muddy Puddle have an amazing outdoor dining area and they have their very own secret garden offering an oasis from the busy London streets. Their garden is full of pretty flowers and plants that will transport you to the countryside without having to leave the city.

It’s not just their garden terrace that’s impressive, but their food is just as beautiful and tastes even better outside in the sun. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a bite to eat, The Muddy Puddle is worth it just for their coffee.

Pisu Sapori Italiani, Broadhurst Gardens


Fancy an Italian to kick off your April 12th? Then Pisu Sapori Italiani has a great outdoor space perfect for just that. Their food is so good you’ll feel like you’re eating on the coast of southern Italy and not in bustling London.

Pisu has a great range of imported Italian goods to make your experience as authentic as it can be, including cured meats, pasta and olive oil. Everything else is made from the freshest ingredients in-house. After your meal and delicious Italian coffee, you can even browse their deli, stocked with the best cheese and meat that you can take home with you.

Goods Office, Stroud Green


The Goods Office is an all-day eatery with an outdoor seating area perfect for the easing of lockdown. It’s a great space to finally catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee. Their coffee beans are locally roasted and will definitely hit the spot.

Right next to the Parkland Walk, the Goods Office is a great place to refuel after a relaxing stroll through nature. It’ll be so satisfying to sit down for a bite to eat instead of ordering to takeaway!

Use the Coffy app to find the best coffee around and even more places that have outdoor seating available. Work your way through all of them this spring!